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Website Design Services
To build a better website for your business you must first understand the importance of website design. Did you know that 66% of people prefer to see something well designed rather than something plain and simple, but also remember functionality still wins overall? 
From pictures and contact information to engaging text, all these concepts are important for the success of a business’s website. One of our top customers, CFS Jets, signifies our dedication to creating a modern, responsive, clean and appealing website with great content. Cox Group is dedicated to enhancing your business through superior web design by showcasing your products or services in a unique way.
  • How: 20+ years of experience with companies in many different industries 
  • Why: Creating the best websites where our customers get high levels of engagement
  • Technology: Always staying current with the lastest and fast moving advancements





 Layout & Design

CSS Coding


Social Media & Digital Marketing 
In business for a long time or starting a business, your first and primary focus is on how to attract customers. Promoting your company through Social Media and Mobile Advertising & Creative Design are key factors in growing & maintaining a successful business. 
The initiatives we take will ensure that your company is advertising & marketing to your desired target group. With Digital Marketing you will see first hand the effects social media has on businesses. In today’s digital world, when looking for services or goods, the first place customers look is online, which is why having a concise digital marketing plan is vital to a company's success. With help from our team, customers like the Florida Powerboat Club have multiple platforms, including YouTube and Facebook, which are monitored and managed by our team. We have been able to grow and expand their client base that casts such a wide net that reaches members and fans nationally while also capturing those from around the world.
  • Value: Knowing what your customers like or dislike in your company’s current social media campaign to better understand their wants and needs for the future 
  • Choices: A team with a wide variety of industry experience and knowledge to fit customer satisfaction
  • Be Social: Digital Marketing experience from health care providers to spirits to sport & business


Social Platforms

Video Promtion

 Search Marketing

 Email Marketing

 Insights & Analytics


 Ads & Promotions


Strategy /Planning

Public Relations
Many people are unsure of what PR really is, and how it differentiates from marketing.  PR is the conscience of the organization. “You can’t communicate yourself out of a problem you behaved yourself into."
PR is a management function that provides 3 services: 1) Defining objectives, policies, and philosophies. 2) Facilitating organizational change in harmony with adaptive environments; and most importantly, 3) communicating with internal and external publics. ”PR is values-driven, being concerned with reputation, not images. The Cox Group has multiple decades of experience, utilizing the traditional 4-step model in meeting organization goals; Research, planning, communication, and evaluation. We have taken businesses around the world to 4 continents, including inside the arctic circle and to the Orinoco River in South America.
  • Experience: We are boundary spanners and problem solvers that make sure the public is learning about organizations, businesses and sports properties accurately
  • ​Decades: Demanding clients require those with specific knowledge and experience


 Sports PR

Fortune 1000

Writing & More

 Multilingual PR

Press Conferences


The #1 Report (Cox Report) Requested By Sponsors in Professional Fishing

Being on top of your game, not only while fishing but behind the scenes is biggest key to success for professional anglers. A necessity in the matter of understanding the fundamentals of your career when it comes to success off the water, including magazines, social media tracking, and advertising.
Cox Reports can be shaped to your preference so they will be beneficial for your angler career. For over 16 years we have been a highly regarded investment for some of the biggest names in fishing and now it's time to put your name on that list. Get first hand industry knowledge from those who have been a helping hand when it comes to making business decisions that will help you further your career


 Proven Reports



Marketing Services
Have you ever wanted to start a new marketing program but did not know where to start? At Cox Group we have helped many of our clients get over this hurdle by offering advice to make their new product or service as successful as possible. 
When our client, Anheuser Busch reached out to us to manage multiple responsibilities with their offshore powerboat race team it was not long before that expanded into a 6-year program.The importance of having a firm behind your company to focus on all of your marketing needs will benefit through customer loyalty. If you want more marketing success, contact Cox Group to learn more about the business & marketing services, and how we can help you.  
  • Lasting: We are here to make your company stand out from the rest, our 20+ years of experience proves we know how to make a business successful
  • ​Top Names: Marketing brands such as Budweiser, Bacardi, CITGO, J&J proves top industry leaders trust our team with their marketing needs



Sports Marketing

Marking Strategies


Various Industries


Creative Design 
Have you ever wondered what an upgrade on your company’s logo, packaging, or website would bring in return? The purpose of great design is to create a brand image that your customers will remember and recognize which will show results for the business. Creative design is more than just an aesthetic, a great design tells a story. When Gold Leaf reached out to us to help build their brand we focused on creating a logo and website that would be classic, memorable and engaging to the customer. Ready to say hello to an insane amount of outstanding Creative Design? 
  • Unique: Making your company stand out from the rest with unique and creative designs
  • Outstanding: ​Make sure that your logo and packaging is not just another product, make it stand out from the rest in a highly competitive world we live in today 
  • ​Visual: We have done creative design for many companies in many industries, we are up for the test to improve anything you want to improve that your customer sees


Logo Designs

Brochures & Flyers

 Web, Print & Other

 Business Cards

 Book Covers



 Packaging & Ads

Vector Tracing

 Icons & Social




 Vehicle Wraps


Top Shelf 
Marketing System

Learn How To Rapidly 24X Your Business in Less Than 30 Days Without The Painstaking Work Of Various Marketing Approaches With 1000's Of Variables & Man Hours That Don't Work

Our commitment is to help owners & entrepreneurs become that needed Dynamic Leader and to sell online 24/7 which is the key to selling more products and services… you can achieve this without spending lots of time and money or being strapped down to a complex system risking more expensive costs!

  • Module #1: The Art of Selling
  • Module #2: Strategic Marketing Tactics
  • Module #3: Top Shelf Facts & Ai Training
  • ​Blueprint: Step by Step Tactical Approach
  • Sales Funnel: Shared Proven Funnel
  • BONUS #1: 14 Day Free Trial Click Funnels Software
  • BONUS #2: 36 Traits of  Successful People eBook
  • BONUS #3: The Money is in The List eBook
  • SUPER BONUS #4: 24/7 Access to Members Portal
  • 24X BONUS #5: Added Member Modules For Success
Audio / Video & Photography 
Audio, Video & Photography are important to any business rather it be for creating advertisements, podcasts,  YouTube videos, promotion, or just to revitalize an old website with more inviting content. Cox Group has been creating content for web and broadcast consumption for decades.
There are many benefits to having an Audiovisual presence for your company from increased interaction, lower operational cost, integrating new employees, and something that is easy to remember. Did you know that 10% of people remember information that was told to them after three days but when a relevant image is involved that number goes up to 65%. If you want more creative marketing success than your competitors contact us today!    
  • Traffic: According to Cisco by 2021 82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from videos 
  • Be Seen: What your company does will stick in the mind of the consumers longer with pictures and videos 
  • Use it: Give your company an edge over others that don’t use this technology or have not updated in a while
  • Crossover: Make sure your company does not focus on one device, 85% of adults get content of multiple devices at the same time


Promo Videos

Voice Over

 Intros & Animation



 Photo & Video Edit

Trade Shows
What are trade shows? Trade shows are events that bring together many companies from the same industry to showcase their latest and greatest new products and services. 
Trade shows are very important because you can see how people are reacting to your product and see if you should make changes or you have the next best product on the market. At Cox Group we are more than just here to promote the trade show, we will help plan, organize, design and layout your footprint, and manage all the challenges and needs that may arise. Are you a business owner/entrepreneur that wants to outperform your competitors in every way and prove your product is the leading product in your industry? Plan your next trade show with us!
  • Relief: Ease your stress so you don’t have to worry about every single aspect of the trade show
  • ​Showcase: Provide expert advice from past experience in this field 
  • ​Standout: Design your booth to be more visually appealing and interactive than any of your competitors  




Many Industries



Order Processing

Special Events & Management 
Are you a business owner that has an event coming up and not sure where to start? How to manage travel plans? Hospitality? Proper Event Management is essential for the success of whatever event your company may be attending or having. 
There are three main steps to having a successful event 1) Make it look good & they will come. 2) Pay attention to details before the event. 3) Make sure your team has great stage presence. With our years of experience with event management, like our race festival in California or Energy Trade shows, it proves we have the unique skills and abilities to run a successful event anywhere. Have a big event coming up and you want it to be perfect, contact us today. 
  • Organized: If we can manage 500 people for 7 Days - We can perform for you
  • Complex: We have experience in very complex events, requiring travel, breakouts, A/V and Entertainment
  • Experience: No matter what industry you are in we have the expertise to ensure that your event won’t fail



Logistics & Travel



 Private Functions


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